Would you keep a cat or a dog in a hutch? Cottontails believes it is equally cruel to cage companion rabbits and that they deserve a better life. The average hutch on sale in pet shops measures just 90cm X 30cm X 30cm. This means the rabbit cannot stand up or take a few hops and has to lie in her urine and droppings. There is no room for toys, a litter tray or a companion. The hutches are cheaply made (though not cheap to buy) and offer little protection from predators and the elements.

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Rabbits should have a living area of at least 2m X 3m, for example a spare room or part of a room (you can use a pet gate/room dividers to limit the space). In addition they should have access to a larger exercise area where they can RUN! e.g. another part of the house or a secure pen in the garden (in the daytime with supervision).

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We are seeking to end the sale and use of rabbit hutches and cages. Even the biggest ones barely allow a pair of rabbits to turn around once you’ve furnished them with food and water bowls, hay, straw, litter tray, bed, toys, etc. And as long and they’re available to buy, they will be used to confine rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals, often for their whole lives. Please help us give them a better quality of life by signing our petition and spreading the word with friends, family and on social media – use the #HappyBunnies. Thank you.

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Cottontails has been promoting keeping rabbits completely free-range ever since it was founded in 1993. Our first rabbit Carolina and later our foster bunnies taught us that a home is not a hutch or an indoor cage. Please visit our website at bunny.org.uk for lots of advice on rabbit care, from housing to bonding rabbits and finding a rabbit shelter near you.

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