Become a Friend of Cottontails and help support our rabbit welfare and education work. Simply click on the button to make your donation – any amount is greatly appreciated. We’re a registered charitable organisation with an all-volunteer staff so every penny donated is used to benefit rabbits.

In the past year Cottontails has donated to a number of rabbit rescues, including The Rabbit Residence Rescue, Camp Nibble, Bobtails Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue, Bunny Burrows, Vegas Dumpsite Bunnies and US House Rabbit Society HQ/branches.

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Running an event to raise funds for Cottontails/your local rabbit rescue or raise awareness of rabbit welfare can be great fun. Here are some ideas:

Fundraising Events

  • Sales/bazaars – garage, car boot, jumble, bring and buy, antique fair.
  • Stalls – craft, produce, clothes and accessories, nearly new, cake, children’s toys, book and plant.
  • Auctions – clothes, collectibles, arts & crafts, children’s drawings/paintings, promises (people volunteer to do something and their task is auctioned).
  • Social events – coffee morning, afternoon tea, pizza party, dance/disco, fashion show, fête, barbecue, garden party, teddy bear picnic, garden open day, fun day.
  • Services – car washing, dog walking, pet boarding, bunnysitting, babysitting, cleaning, decluttering, shopping, gardening.
  • Competitions & games – photo/caption, pet photo show, try your skill, quiz, raffle, guess the bunny’s name, treasure hunt, card games, bingo.
  • Sponsored events – walk, silence, football game, swim, run, diet, giving up smoking, bunny sleep-in (pledge to sleep for up to a week in a sleeping bag in your bunnies’ “bedroom”, it’s great fun and a good way to bond with your rabbits!)

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Educational Events

  • Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit – spread the word about Cottontails by contacting your local paper, radio or TV station.
  • Staff newsletter – if your employer produces a staff newsletter, ask them to feature your event.
  • Offer advice to rabbit caregivers – get together with your local pet club, rabbit shelter, animal warden, RSPCA, SSPCA, Blue Cross and other animal welfare societies.
  • Open day/evening – animal shelters and veterinary practices can have a poster/leaflet display or give a talk about rabbits.
  • Rabbit sponsorship/adoption day – local shelter or pet shop that does not sell rabbits.
  • Open home – show potential adopters and rabbit caregivers what it’s like to live with a companion rabbit (educate about neutering, litter-training, bunny-proofing, toys, introducing rabbits, etc.).
  • Display in local library/bookshop/shopping centre.
  • Exhibition in local museum or community centre.
  • School competitions – e.g. drawing, painting, poetry, picture book, short story.
  • Other competitions – e.g. for the most inventive rabbit living area, indoors or outdoors. Safety must be a primary consideration, especially for outdoor rabbits.
  • Rabbit lesson – teachers can educate children on proper rabbit care and adopting a rabbit from a shelter.
  • School visits – with a friendly, outgoing rabbit. Have the children sit on the floor in a circle around the bunny and let them stroke the rabbit if he invites petting. Talk about rabbit needs and what the world looks like from a bunny’s point of view.
  • Stage productions – e.g. rabbit rescue stories, Watership Down, Beatrix Potter tales.
  • Participation in established pet events – if there is an event going on in your local area get involved, perhaps running a stall or giving a talk about rabbits. Only take those rabbits who don’t mind travelling and meeting people and don’t let visitors pick them up.