Prince Snoopy

Snoopy is a black and white Dutch rabbit.
His fur is as soft as silk.
His nose is as pink as candy floss.
He is a prince.
Our home is his kingdom.
He lies on velvet chairs and rests by the fire.
His eyes are as dark as coal.
And on his hands are a pair of white mittens.
Hop, hop, hop, up the stairs he goes.
Thump, thump, thump, down he flies.
To his hutch? NO! To his cage? NO!
For he is a house bunny, free as you and me.
Long live Snoopy! Our Dutch prince.

Melissa Roache

Big Ears!

What a fantastic pair of ears!
They’re not just useful
they’re also beautiful
they’re the envy of all other pets
I’ve only got good things to say about them.

They go up
they go down
they turn around
they’re a lot of fun!
Only elephants have got bigger ones.

Superbunny’s Girlfriend

Is it an otter?
Is it a brown furry slipper?
No! It’s Superbunny’s girlfriend
the beautiful Peanut
this sweet cottontail
is the Lois Lane
of the rabbit world.

There’s no greater bunny love than this
he licks her soft brown ears
and shares his dinner
she keeps him warm in winter.
Where Peanut goes
Sweetpea always follows
even Superbunny
needs somebody to love.

Peanut and her action bunny
spend most of the day
helping Mrs James
feed the foster bunnies
and run the house
keeping everybunny safe and sound
and making Mrs James proud.

And after many good deeds
and countless little gifts
the bunny superheroes fall asleep
in front of the TV.

Buttercup is Lovely

Some bunnies show they love you
by licking your hand
and letting you give them a friendly pat
others like to follow you everywhere
or sleep under your chair.
Then there’s Buttercup
who hides in his box and runs away
whenever he sees Mrs James.
The sweet guy is extremely shy
but he loves life
and shows he likes her
by dancing on her bed
and taking some banana from her hand.
He may not be super cuddly
but Mrs James thinks he’s lovely
and being brave he will not hesitate
to run to greet her when a banana is being peeled
or leave his dinner
to save a ladybird or other garden critter.
This bunny is a winner!

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