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Welcome to Cottontails’ website. We’re a London-based charitable organisation devoted to rabbit welfare.

Cottontails believes that rabbits should have the run of one or more rooms, plus a safe outdoor space in the daytime with supervision. Please read Think outside the hutch, our guide to living with free-range house rabbits, and sign our petition to end the use of rabbit hutches.

The best place to get a rabbit is your local rescue centre. Click on The Bunny Hopline to find one near you with wonderful neutered, vaccinated and socialised bunnies ready for adoption.

Click on The Rabbit Habit for rabbit care articles or Hop to it for our children’s pages. Read about our campaigns and how you can become a Friend of Cottontails. Follow the link to Art Rabbit for Cotton Tales, Poems for Peanut and our latest art projects.

NEW! Check out Rabbits Everywhere, our page about rabbits in culture, art & design, and Twice as Happy, Cottontails’ guide to introducing rabbits.

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