Welcome to Cottontails’ website. We are a registered non-profit organisation devoted to rabbit welfare.

At Cottontails we believe that companion rabbits should have the run of one or more rooms and a safe outdoor space in the daytime with supervision. We do not agree with keeping rabbits in cages, just as it wouldn’t be considered humane to confine a cat or a dog in this way.

Every year thousands of wonderful rabbits end up at rescue centres around the world. Many wait months or longer to be rehomed and this is why Cottontails does not support breeding from your rabbit or buying one from a breeder or pet store. Please look up The Bunny Hopline to find your local rabbit shelter.

Click on The Rabbit Habit for articles on rabbit care or Hop to it for our children’s pages. Read about our campaigns and how you can become a Friend of Cottontails. Follow the link to Art Rabbit for information about Cotton Tales and Walthamstow Bunny. We’re also on Twitter and Facebook.

“Love Rabbits” & “Love Animals” are trademarks of Cottontails. All pages © Cottontails 2017.

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