You are nobody till somebunny loves you! Here are some fun notes about what it means to love a rabbit (1) and how rabbits show their love for humans (2) and other bunnies (3).


  • Bringing home a new cardboard box
  • Smiling at their binkies
  • Having breakfast together
  • Not noticing how messy they are
  • Accepting they will decorate the furniture
  • Praising their DIY efforts
  • Buying them organic veggies
  • Spending a small fortune on rabbit toys
  • Playing together
  • Giving them a back rub
  • Working from home
  • Giving them free run of the house
  • Having picnics in the garden
  • Keeping them safe
  • Sharing a fruit salad
  • Having a good sense of humour
  • Letting them fall asleep in the middle of the bed
  • Forgetting litter-training mishaps
  • Spending time at bunny level
  • Listening to the radio together
  • Staying in instead of going out
  • Missing them when you go out
  • Letting them shred the Sunday papers
  • Cuddling them to sleep
  • Taking them on holiday with you


  • Licking your face to wake you up in the mornings
  • Greeting you every time you come home
  • Helping you sort out the shopping
  • Following you around the house
  • Jumping on your back for a piggy ride
  • Helping out with the housework
  • Nudging you to say Hello
  • Sitting next to you on the sofa
  • Running around your feet
  • Keeping you company while you watch TV
  • Rubbing noses with you
  • Rolling over to be petted
  • Playing hide and seek together
  • Snuggling up to you to keep you warm
  • Making you feel great simply by being there


  • Looking out for your friend
  • Working together as a team
  • Leaving her the best leaves
  • Taking the blame for the chewed carpet
  • Cleaning behind her ears
  • Giving away your last peanut
  • Having a nap together
  • Letting her sleep on your blanket
  • Sharing your favourite toys
  • Bringing her flowers
  • Keeping each other warm
  • Sheltering together from the rain
  • Letting her get to the food dish first
  • Eating her leftovers
  • Sharing a sofa
  • Never being more than a few feet away from each other
  • Kissing her better

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