24-page picturebook for 2-5 year-olds with illustration ideas in italics. Part of a series featuring the Wonderbunnies®.

Pages 1-2

Every morning when the sun rises – and sometimes when the moon is still up, Buttercup and Dandelion start jumping up and down on Mrs James’ bed. “OK Wonderbunnies, OK, banana’s on its way!”

The little brothers wolf down a big slice of banana – to make them super strong! – and a five-veggie salad.

The Wonderbunnies’ athletic jumps wake up Mrs James, who has to get up and make them breakfast. The bunnies’ thought/speech bubbles include a picture of a banana, “BANANA!”, “I banana!”, “Best food ever!”, etc.

Pages 3-4

Outside the pigeons were waiting for their breakfast too: Mrs James’ homemade fruitcake, porridge and sunflower seeds. One pigeon was the boldest and popped in for a cookie – that’s how she got her name!

The Wonderbunnies help Mrs James feed the pigeons. Cookie carries a whole biscuit in her beak.

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Pages 5-6

After breakfast all the pigeons flew together to the park, but Cookie was enjoying the sunshine so much, she stayed in the garden. “I’m a big pigeon, I can do what I like!”

Cookie had a lot of fun playing with the Wonderbunnies and skipping around without a care in the world. When she felt sleepy she took a nap on Mrs James’ flowerbed. But…

Cookie flattens Mrs James’ flowers when she takes a nap. We catch the first glimpse of a cat’s tail in the apple tree.

Pages 7-8

…right then Garfield slipped into the garden. From his look-out on the apple tree he saw Cookie all by herself.

Garfield didn’t waste any time – “GRROWWWL!!!” he howled and lunged at Cookie.

Pages 9-10

Mrs James was busy eating her eggs on toast and watermelon salad, but the Wonderbunnies sensed DANGER! Dandelion wiggled his ears, “I heard a growl!” Buttercup twitched his nose up and down, “I smell cat… …WHERE’S COOKIE???”

In a flash they sprang off their sofa… …ran down the corridor… …hopped in the wonderbox and… …“WATCH OUT EVERYBODY, WE’RE THE WONDERBUNNIES!!!”

The wonderbox is a cardboard box with a star-shaped door from where Buttercup and Dandelion emerge as superheroes!

   DSC08773   DSC08397

Pages 11-12

Dandelion and Buttercup jumped up and down on Garfield’s back like on a trampoline. “OUCH!, OUCH!!, OOOUUUUUUCH!!!” he cried and scrambled under the fence leaving Cookie behind.

Finally Mrs James twigged what was going on, “Well done, Wonderbunnies!!! You saved Cookie!”

Pages 13-14

Cookie wobbles to the Wonderbunnies’ blanket.

“She’s lost a lot of feathers,” said Buttercup. “Luckily her wings are not broken,” said Dandy.

Cookie fluttered her wings but when she tried to fly… …she bumped into the apple tree.

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Pages 15-16

“Come on, Cookie!” Mrs James and the Wonderbunnies cheered her on, and after some little hops, she took off like an aeroplane!

Mrs James and the Wonderbunnies wave her off.

Pages 17-18

The next morning as soon as the sun came up the Wonderbunnies jumped up and down on Mrs James’ bed for their slice of banana. They wolfed down a big slice each which made them super strong!

Then they pawed at the French windows to be let out, but…

Pages 19-20

…“Where are all the pigeons?” said Buttercup, standing on top of Mrs James’ flowerpot. “And where is Cookie?” said Dandelion, checking all the pop-up tunnels. Garfield was hiding in the Wonderbunnies’ tent, but as soon as he saw them he ran for his life! And then…

Mrs James (with a bag of bird seeds) and the Wonderbunnies are in the garden. Buttercup stands up to get a good view like all bunnies do – and squashes Mrs James’ flowers.


Pages 21-22

…“HOORAY, COOKIE’S BACK!!!” cried Buttercup. “With all her friends!” said Dandelion.

Mrs James hurried to fetch the most scrumptious breakfast ever: peanuts, raisins, banana bread, golden delicious apples, and for the Wonderbunnies, banana on toast!

Pages 23-24

Cookie’s become a little wiser after her adventure and now stays with her friends and is careful around cats. She still hops cheekily into the Wonderbunnies’ and Mrs James’s flat to say hello and beg for a cookie.

Last week while she was in the park she met a gorgeous pigeon called Johnny and he’s built a double comfort nest for her.

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