I am a bunny. I do not make a good Easter present.

  • I stay small for a few weeks then I get BIG
  • I don’t like to be held and cuddled – I will scratch and bite to get away
  • I like to be petted on the floor
  • I love to chew and dig
  • I don’t like to be in a cage. Please keep me in a large safe space where I can stand up and run around – a room would be great!
  • I pee and poop a lot and my space needs to be cleaned out every day
  • I need another neutered bunny to keep me company
  • I like toys, for example apple twigs, cardboard boxes and pop-up tunnels to hop in and out of and a litterbox filled with sand to dig in
  • I need to be neutered and vaccinated
  • I get hurt easily because my bones are fragile and I don’t have padded feet
  • I can cost £1,000 a year + vet bills
  • I need lots of hay and fresh vegetables every day
  • I can live 10 years or more

Rabbits make wonderful pets but they’re not for everyone. If you are thinking of getting a rabbit, adopt, don’t shop! Rabbit shelters will give you the best advice, shops and breeders just want to make a sale. Visit bunny.org.uk and click on The Bunny Hopline for details of your local shelter.

I am a bunny with outline JPEG