Sadly our beloved bunny Peanut passed away just before The Rabbit Habit™ was completed. Peanut was originally a hutch bunny and was then adopted by a lady who didn’t have time to look after her and whose husband disliked Peanut. When he threatened to throw her in the street we stepped in to rescue her and she became our sanctuary bunny.

Peanut suffered from dental problems and was very shy for many months, but thanks to Sweetpea’s love she came out of her shell and in the end was so friendly we nicknamed her “Cuddlebug”.

Peanut was a real survivor and despite several operations in the last six months, she had a good quality of life and enjoyed hopping around the flat and garden and generally being “top bunny”. It was a privilege to care for this sweet brown rabbit, and I’m so glad I formally adopted her shortly before she died.

Peanut will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her, foster bunnies Lucky, Opal, Dandelion and Buttercup and especially her best friend Sweetpea. Peanut was a very bright bunny and always rubbed her teeth in appreciation when I read out my poems to her! I will miss her snuggling up on the bed to watch TV or sitting on the floor beside me while I typed on my laptop. Peanut loved to beg for a piece of croissant or bread and mealtimes will not be the same without her.

She was more special than words can say, a brave and loving bunny with so much to offer, and we’ll never forget her. Peanut is in every shy bunny we’ll meet; above all she taught us never to give up on a timid or frightened rabbit as they will learn to trust given love and patience.

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Peanut in tray   Peanut pink