12-page board book for 0-3 year olds.

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Page 1

Hello! I am a pigeon.

Page 2

I have grey feathers, pink feet and a soft belly.

Page 3

I live in Lloyd Park above the café.

Page 4

When I was little I used to squeak but now I’m grown-up I coooo!

Page 5

I love food, especially peanuts. I can spot one from a great distance.

Page 6

I also eat cake crumbs and keep the park nice and clean.

Page 7

White bread is not good for pigeons. But I like brown bread with lots of seeds.

pigeon___squirrel_by_dzhiidzhiks   Love-Birds-by-Henrik-Nilsson

Page 8

When it’s sunny I chill out on the flowerbeds and watch the squirrels.

Page 9

I wash my feathers in the pond every day – SPLASH!!

Page 10

I love people, especially the little ones who bring me food. But I get scared if children run towards me.

Page 11

I am very cheeky and like to explore new places. Sometimes I pop into the art gallery. They have a great café with lots of crumbs.

Page 12

I’m Pansy from Walthamstow. Pleased to meet you!

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