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12-page board book for 0-2 year olds

Page 1

Hello! I am Meow.

Page 2

I am Lulu’s cat.

Page 3

I live in London.

Meow 2   IMAG5912

Page 4

I meow when I’m hungry.

Page 5

I follow Lulu around the house.

Page 6

I like to be kissed on the top of my head.

Meow 4   Meow sleeping 2

Page 7

I am funny!

Page 8

I don’t like the rain.

Page 9

I have two toy mice.

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Page 10

I like watching the squirrels and climbing trees.

Page 11

I purr when I’m happy.

Page 12

At bedtime I snuggle up to Lulu. Goodnight!

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