Picture book for 2-5 year olds with 12 double-page spreads. Illustration ideas and speech/thought bubbles in italics.

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Pages 1-2

Little Pigeon was getting quite big but he still liked to sleep in the bed with his mummy and daddy. One night he rolled over and… … BUMP!!!

Little Pigeon is snuggled up to his mummy and daddy in their nest on a rooftop – it’s a bit of a squeeze. His own nest nearby is empty. Little Pigeon tosses and turns, keeping his parents awake. Eventually he falls out of the nest.

Pages 3-4

Little Pigeon landed on a flowerbed in the high street. Whooosh! The street cleaner nearly ran him over. And cars made Little Pigeon scared. Little Pigeon’s speech bubble: “Phew!!”

Little Pigeon lands on a flowerbed on the pavement. He is frightened by the street cleaner’s broom and cars roaring past.

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Pages 5-6

When the shops opened, lots of people rushed in. “Shooo!” “Fly away, pigeon!” said a very rude man. But Little Pigeon was only a baby and hadn’t learnt to fly yet.

Little Pigeon is in danger of being trodden on or kicked. He is very scared.

Pages 7-8

Little Pigeon hopped under a bench and called his mummy and daddy. Speech bubble: “Coo!”

Little Pigeon manages to escape the crowds and huddles under a bench.

Pages 9-10

His parents woke up. Speech bubbles: “Little Pigeon, breakfast’s ready!” “Time for your morning cuddle!” But they couldn’t see Little Pigeon. So he took a big breath, puffed out his chest and… …“COOOOOOO!!!” Parents’ speech bubbles: “Over there!” “Quick, let’s go!”

Little Pigeon’s parents call him, thinking he’s on the roof with them, and worry when they can’t find him. Finally when he coos loudly they spot him under the bench and fly to him.

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Pages 11-12

Little Pigeon jumped up and down, “Mummy! Daddy!” He tried to fly but he bumped into a bin. Parents’ speech bubbles: “Take care, Little Pigeon!” “Try again, Little Pigeon!” Suddenly…

Pages 13-14

… a fierce dog ran towards Little Pigeon!

A large dog appears an the pavement. His thought bubble shows he’s after the fast food wrappers in the bin. Little Pigeon tries to make himself very small and squashes up against his side of the bin, hoping the dog won’t see him. His thought bubble shows he thinks the dog is going to eat him inside a fast food box.

Pages 15-16

Little Pigeon shook his wings as fast as he could, raced along the pavement and… …FLAP! FLAP! FLAP! Worried parents’ speech bubbles: “Com’on, Little Pigeon!” “You can do it!”

Little Pigeon lifts off the ground but a tree stops him flying upwards. Then an excited child runs towards him and scares Little Pigeon. He tries to fly up again, away from both child and dog, and finally makes it.

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Pages 17-18

Little Pigeon’s speech bubble: “Mum! Dad! I’m flying!”

Bird’s eye view of the street and Little Pigeon flying above it.

Pages 19-20

Parents’ speech bubbles: “Fantastic, Little Pigeon!“ “You’re a big bird now!”

Little Pigeon’s parents fly back home with him. Little Pigeon gets his breakfast, morning cuddle, a toy (e.g. a twig) and lots of attention from them.

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Pages 21-22

Parents’ speech bubbles: “Now you’re grown up, you can have your own bed.”

Close-up of a wide-eyed, dismayed Little Pigeon. Maybe in the picture you can’t see his parents, just their speech bubbles.

Pages 23-24

That night Little Pigeon went to bed all by himself. But after five minutes…

Little Pigeon all alone in his bed, which is a little way from his parents’. His eyes are wide open and he’s tossing and turning. Then his mummy and daddy sneak into bed with him, and the three of them fall asleep together.

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Blurb for back cover

Little Pigeon is getting too big to sleep with his mummy and daddy and one night… …BUMP!!! He falls out of the nest. But Little Pigeon hasn’t learnt to fly yet. Will he escape the traffic, the crowds and a fierce dog? And will he be back in the nest with his mummy and daddy?

© Cottontails® & Little Pigeon Press™ 2011

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