For Tito


26-page picture book for 2-5 year olds with illustration ideas in italics.

Page 1

Tiger was new in school and couldn’t wait to meet the other cats.

Page 2

But as soon as they saw him they shouted, “Ginger!” “Garfield!” “Jaffa!” “TANGERINE!”
“My name’s Tiger,” he said politely. “GINGER!!!” they yelled even louder.

Page 3

Tiger went home with his tail low.

Page 4

“I wish I was grey like my classmates,” he told his mum and dad.
“Your fur is amazing! That’s why we called you Tiger!” said his mummy.
“You’re awesome!” said his daddy, “King of the jungle!”

Pages 5-6

But Tiger’s classmates kept calling him names… “GINGER!” “CARROT TOP!” “PUMPKIN!” “MARMALADE!” “HE’S SO BRIGHT HE CAN BE SEEN FROM OUTER SPACE!”

Page 7

Tiger tried to be friendly but the other pussycats were afraid of playing with him and being bullied too.

Page 8

At the end of the week Miss Honey took the class to Richmond Park on a school trip.

Page 9

The cats had a lot of fun sliding down the slopes, climbing up trees and looking at the bunny rabbits.

Page 10

“Don’t stray too far!” said Miss Honey.

Page 11

While they played hide & seek… “Where are we?” asked one cat. “It’s like a jungle in here!” said another.” “WE’RE LOST!!!!”
Tiger was the bravest, “Let’s go to the meadow where Miss Honey can see us. And let’s all stick together.”

Page 12

But some of the cats didn’t listen and ran straight into…

Page 13


Page 14

“It’s a deer,” said Tiger, “and he won’t hurt you if you stop staring. Follow me!”

Page 15

When Miss Honey woke up she called, “OK pussycats, you can come out now…” “Where are you?!!!”

Page 16

She ran to the park ranger. “Twenty pussycats… Lost… Grey pussycats… One ginger… Rescue… HEEEELLLPP!!!!”

Page 17

The park ranger and Miss Honey look for the cats in the rescue helicopter.

When the cats spotted the helicopter they jumped up and down and waved their paws but Miss Honey and the park ranger didn’t see them.

Page 18

The helicopter circled Richmond Park again. “We’ll have to call off the search soon,” said the park ranger, “it’s getting dark.”

Page 19

Miss Honey stuck her head out of the window but she couldn’t see the cats because they were all grey…

Page 20

…all except one. “Wait a minute… There’s something orange! IT’S TIGER!!!” she cried.
“And the other cats are there too!” said the park ranger.

Pages 21-22

The pussycats piled into the helicopter. “Thank you for saving us, Tiger!” they said. “We’re sorry we were mean.” “Ginger fur’s awesome!” “Yeah, it’s cool!”

Page 23

Tiger loves his new school. He’s friends with all the cats and they play together after class. Their favourite game is “Helicopter Rescue”.

Page 24

Miss Honey gave Tiger a School Hero award and the other pussycats…

Pages 25-26

All the pussycats gather around Tiger. They wear t-shirts with “I ♥ ginger” – Miss Honey too. They made a big banner that says, “Hooray for Tiger, King of the Jungle!” and “All the Colours of the Rainbow”.

Blurb for back cover

Tiger doesn’t like his new school. The other cats call him “GINGER!” and “CARROT TOP!” and don’t want to play with him. Tiger wishes his fur was not so orange, until…

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