24-page picture book for 2-5 year olds with illustration ideas and speech bubbles in italics.


This story is for Timothy, a lovable cat who is kind to squirrels (and a little bit afraid of them!)

Blurb for Back Cover

The neighbourhood tomcats make fun of Moggie because she’s afraid of squirrels and climbing trees. But when the biggest tomcat goes up Squirrel’s favourite tree, he’s scared stiff and desperately meows for help. Will a superhero save him?

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Pages 1-2

Like all cats, Moggie loves food, cuddles and catnip toys.

Moggie is a grey cat. She wears a red bandana with a white star and may also have a collar, bowl, bed or blanket. All these are blue/red/white (superhero colours) and have an “M” or a star/stars on them, but the superhero references should be subtle and Moggie should look like an ordinary cat.

As soon as Moggie sniffs her catnip mouse she becomes super active and excited.

Pages 3-4

But unlike other cats, she’s afraid of climbing trees and… …squirrels! At least, this one (close-up of Squirrel). Squirrel’s speech bubbles: “PAAAAARRRRP!!!!” “PAAAAARRRRP!!!!” “PAAAAARRRRP!!!!” Moggie’s speech bubble: “Gulp!”

Squirrel leaps down her tree and chases Moggie across the garden. We glimpse a nest at the top of the tree.

Pages 5-6

The neighbourhood tomcats made fun of Moggie. Speech bubbles: “Scaredycat!” “You’re not tough like us!” “We’re as strong as Mega Mog!” Biggest tomcat’s speech bubble (pointing at Squirrel’s tree): “Watch me race all the way up… …and have that noisy squirrel for lunch!”

Squirrel “parps” even more now the tomcat is threatening her.

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Pages 7-8

Moggie turns her back on the tomcats and plays with her catnip mouse. The biggest tomcat runs up Squirrel’s tree, but gets stuck at the top on a very thin branch which shakes dangerously in the wind. When he tries to turn back he finds himself face to face with a very angry Squirrel defending her nest (e.g. throwing nuts at him, “parping” loudly, etc.). The other tomcats have done a runner.

Squirrel’s speech bubbles: “PAAAAAAARP!!! PAAAAAAARP!!! PAAAAAAARP!!!” Tomcat’s speech bubbles: “MEOOOOOWWWW!!!” “Squirrel wants to eat me!!!” (Very large lettering:) “HELP ME, MEGA MOG!!! HEEEEEELP!!!” Moggie hears his calls for help.

Pages 9-10

Moggie sniffs her catnip mouse, does a few spins and leaps, then…

Pages 11-12

…bravely climbs up the tree! Moggie’s bandana has turned back to front and looks like a superhero cape. Tomcat’s speech bubble, very large lettering: “MEGA MOG!!!” The story doesn’t reveal whether Moggie’s transformed into a superhero or merely looks like one to the desperate tomcat, who is not expecting her to be up a tree rescuing him.

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Pages 13-14

As Moggie/Mega Mog climbs to the treetop, small branches snap and blow in the wind. Bird’s eye view of the garden shows how far up she’s climbed. For a moment she’s flustered but she doesn’t give up and reaches out to a very scared tomcat. Squirrel’s nest with her babies is clearly visible now (squirrels have 2-5 babies). Squirrel “parps” very loudly and throws nuts at the tomcat.

Pages 15-16

Moggie/Mega Mog helps the tomcat climb down the tree. He’s so scared of Squirrel, nuts, wobbly branches and twigs snapping that he has to be carried/dragged by the paw, to comical effect. Squirrel keeps “parping” and throwing nuts/leaves at him. There are a couple of near-accidents but eventually he lands in the garden with a whimper and a thud.

Pages 17-18

The tomcat is relieved to be back on the ground. Speech bubbles: “Thank you, Mega Mog. You saved my life!” “I think my friends and I will move to a new neighbourhood…” “…a less dangerous one.”

The other tomcats are back but they too keep a safe distance from Squirrel. She’s still “parping” up in the tree, but less loudly than before (smaller lettering).

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Pages 19-20

Squirrel’s speech bubbles, large lettering: “HOORAY!!! They’re gone!” “Thank you, Moggie!”

Squirrel is happy because Moggie has helped get rid of the tomcats and her babies are safe, so they can climb down their tree now. Moggie’s bandana is under her chin so she looks like an ordinary cat again.

Pages 21-22 

Like all cats, Moggie loves food, cuddles and catnip toys. But unlike other cats…

Pages 23-24

…she’s best friend with squirrels!

Moggie, Squirrel and her babies have become great friends. They eat, play and have a lot of fun leaping around and climbing up and down the tree.

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