Hardboard picturebook for 2-3 year olds with 12 double-page spreads (including cover) & illustration ideas in (italics)


Page 1

Meow and Lulu’s bed
Morning cuddle
(Meow purrs, stretches, gets a treat from his Simon’s Cat tin on the bedside table.)

Lulu’s picturebook
Meow’s superhero brush
(Lulu takes Meow’s blue and red brush from the bedside table and brushes Meow on the bed.)

Page 2

Meow’s washing
Lulu’s splashing
(Meow and Lulu get up. He follows her to the bathroom and washes his face while she washes hers.) 

Lulu’s slippers
(Lulu’s putting her slippers on to go downstairs.)
Meow’s downstairs!
(Meow’s raced downstairs to his food station.)

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Page 3

Meow’s bowl
Lulu’s dish

Lulu’s breakfast: porridge, apple and tea
(She’s eating sitting on the sofa overlooking garden.)
Meow’s breakfast: ocean fish
Meow’s licking his lips!
(Meow hops on the sofa with her.)

Page 4

Meow’s door
(It’s the catflap, but Meow’s not using it, he’s waiting for Lulu to get up and open the French doors for him.)
Meow and Lulu’s door
(The French doors open onto the garden.)
Smudge is banging on the door!
(Smudge is the friendly neighbourhood fox, Lulu slips him bread & jam or he eats up Meow’s food.)

Page 5

Good morning, garden!
Little birds are waiting for their sunflower seeds
(Lulu’s feeding them.)
Meow’s helping
(Meow climbs on the tree with the bird feeders, drinks from the birdbath.)

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Page 6

Lulu’s flowerbed
Meow’s tree
Little apple
Big apple
(Meow’s on the apple tree. An apple falls from the tree. Meow too falls and lands in Lulu’s arms.)

Page 7

(Meow’s drinking from the watering can in the garden.)
Lulu’s watering
(with the hosepipe)
Meow’s running!
(to avoid getting wet)

Lulu’s reading among the buttercups
Meow’s come to find her
Meow’s on Lulu’s head

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Page 8

Meow’s listening
(to the radio)
Meow’s jumping
Meow & Lulu are dancing
(Meow’s jumped into Lulu’s arms.)
Meow likes Harry Styles
(Harry Styles is playing on the radio.)


Page 9

Lulu’s painting
Meow’s playing
(Meow’s running all over Lulu’s pictures, leaving his pawprints on them.)
Meow meows
Meow gets a snack

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Page 10

Lulu’s blanket
Meow’s comfy
Meow & Lulu are sleepy
Lulu loves Meow
(They nuzzle together, Meow’s on Lulu’s chest and she wraps her arms around him.)

Page 11

Meow loves Lulu
(Meow snuggles into Lulu like a little spoon.)

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