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Picture book for 2-5 year olds with 12 double page spreads and illustration ideas in italics.

Page 1

Meow lived in a red brick house at the top of Penrhyn Avenue.

Page 2

But when his family brought home a new kitten, he ran away!

Page 3

Meow dashed across the street to look for a new home. There’s Mr
and Mrs Roberts and the budgies at No 5…

Page 4

…Ben and Michael and their house bunny Lola at No 8…

Page 5

…the Johnsons at No 13…

… Mr Edwards who feeds the squirrels at No 15…

Page 6

…and Lulu who gives excellent cuddles at No 20.

Page 7

Meow ran up to them and jumped into their arms to say hello.

First he visited Mrs Roberts, who has a nice brush that makes his fur smooth and shiny.

Page 8

Then he pawed at the Johnsons’ door for his bowl of roast chicken.

Page 9

Meow trained Ben and Michael to buy catnip toys from the pet shop.

Page 10

And he discovered Lulu works from home so she can let him in when it’s raining.

Meow has the choice of several blankets around the neighbourhood but somehow he always wakes up on Lulu’s bed.

Page 11

Every day Meow goes from house to house to wish the neighbours a nice day.

Page 12

When Mr and Mrs Johnson are tired after the school run, Meow rolls on the floor to show off his tummy and makes them laugh.

Page 13

When Lulu asks Meow what he thinks of her paintings, Meow purrs very loudly, which makes her feel fantastic!

Page 14

Mr Edwards has a very important job, but when Meow pops round they have a lot of fun playing mouse together.

Page 15

Now all the neighbours are great friends and love talking about Meow’s adventures…

Page 16

…like the time he was spooked by the garden sprinkler or he sneaked up to Mr Purry’s bowl and ate his roast chicken!

Mr Purry is a cat.

Pages 17-18

They love Meow and feel lucky to have him around.

Pages 19-20

But sometimes Meow disappears for the day and they wonder if he’s also friendly with the neighbours on Rushbrook Crescent…

Pages 21-22

Picture of Meow befriending the residents of Rushbrook Crescent…

Pages 23-24

… and Brettenham Avenue.

Blurb for back cover

Meet Meow. He used to live with his people in a house on Penrhyn Avenue. But one day they brought home a new kitten, so he left!

Follow Meow as he roams around the neighbourhood looking for a new family. Will it be the Johnsons, who make great roast chicken, Ben and Michael, who buy him amazing catnip toys or Lulu, who gives excellent cuddles?