For Benjamin

We asked rabbit caregivers of all ages to tell us the best things about their rabbits.

  • He licks me good morning
  • He loves me
  • He’s always pleased to see me
  • He comes when called
  • He nudges my feet
  • He makes me happy when I’m feeling sad
  • He is interested in what I do
  • He’s my best friend
  • He helps with my homework
  • He eats all his greens
  • He makes me smile with his funny hops and flops
  • He’s one of the family
  • He loves to play ball and hide & seek
  • He makes me feel special
  • He doesn’t bear a grudge
  • He makes my day
  • These are my bunny’s jobs: food taster, bed warmer, draught excluder, librarian, interior decorator, carpenter, wallpaper-stripper, telephonist, gardener, flower arranger.
  • He always pees in the same place – outside the litter tray!
  • He’s my floppy-eared therapist
  • He’s my alarm clock
  • Rain or shine, he’s there for me
  • He makes my house into a home
  • He is beautiful!
  • He’s friends with everybody
  • He knows all the sunny spots
  • He’s very brave
  • He loves people
  • He’s wonderful to have around
  • He is very entertaining
  • He’s a good listener
  • When things go wrong, he dusts himself off and starts again
  • He’s very relaxing
  • He’s easy to fall in love with
  • He brings out the best in me
  • Through him I have made new friends, both bunnies and humans
  • He sleeps on my bed and keeps me warm

rabbit_digging_in_carpet.jpg   tumblr_n3bocnpw5T1twh2h7o1_1280.jpg