Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular as part of the family. Last year, they were the third most common pet after cats and dogs. Where rabbits were once thought of as happy to live in a hutch, research by various animal welfare agencies has shown that like dogs and cats, rabbits too need mental stimulation and psychological wellbeing. Carers of pet rabbits are getting the message and integrating bunnies into the family.

“Rabbits respond to toys, companionship, grooming and attention they get from a person, just like a dog or cat, but unfortunately, there are still those people who feel that all a rabbit needs is a hutch” says Lulu James, Director of Cottontails.

This Easter Cottontails is trying to raise the profile of rabbits by encouraging more caregivers to spend quality time with their pets and see them for what they are – intelligent, affectionate, entertaining and sensitive creatures.