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10 Reasons Why We Love Pigeons

  1. Pigeons are beautiful – there are spotty ones, stripey ones, grey ones, black ones, brown ones and white ones.
  2. They are friendly.
  3. They take food from your hand.
  4. They are good with children.
  5. They’re lovely to watch.
  6. Pigeons recognise people, especially those who bring them food.
  7. They are not fussy eaters.
  8. They eat a lot of food people throw in the street and help to keep London clean.
  9. Every pigeon has its own personality: there are shy ones, bold ones, cheeky ones, scruffy ones, bossy ones, quiet ones and greedy ones.
  10. They’re London’s bird. Wherever you are in London, you’re never too far from a pigeon (or twenty).

Be nice! Please don’t chase pigeons as they get very scared. They have feelings too.

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10 Nice Things That Pigeons Teach People

  1. Be friendly.
  2. Don’t be too noisy.
  3. Wash yourself every day.
  4. Love your local park.
  5. Sit on the grass.
  6. Enjoy the sunshine.
  7. Eat a variety of meals.
  8. Don’t waste food.
  9. Make friends with the ducks.
  10. Explore your city.

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