Picturebook for 2-6 year olds with 12 double-page spreads and illustration ideas in italics.

Pages 1-2

Posy’s day started well…

Posy is a bunny and this is her first day at school. Everybody’s drawing pictures, but Posy’s are special: bold, colourful shapes. Teacher’s speech bubble:

“WOW, great pictures Posy!”

Classmate’s speech bubbles:

“I like the shapes!”

Teacher’s speech bubble:

“Let’s put them on the wall.”

Pages 3-4

Later at break. Posy’s speech bubble:

“I brought some carrot cake. Help yourselves, everybody!”

Classmates’ speech bubbles:

“Cake, yay!” “Mmmmm!” “Thank you, Posy!”

Pages 5-6

Posy is popular with her classmates. She’s wearing a jumper with a rainbow on it. Speech bubbles:

“I like your jumper, Posy!” “Can I sit near you?” “Do you want to play, Posy?”

One bunny with very big ears is standing on his own.

DSC08748   DSC09667

Pages 7-8

While Posy and her classmates are playing, the bunny with very big ears shouts. Speech bubble:


Posy and her friends are shocked and upset.

Pages 9-10

When Posy went home, Meow jumped into her arms and grandma gave her a big hug.

Meow licks her nose. But Posy is quiet. 

Pages 11-12

Posy’s speech bubble:

“Grandma, do I have a big nose?”

Grandma’s speech bubble:

“I love it! It’s a sweet turned-up nose and it’s just right for you!”

Now you can see grandma’s face. Posy’s speech bubbles:

“It’s like yours, grandma.” “I like looking like you!”

They nuzzle up together. Grandma kisses her on the nose.

Pages 13-14

The next day Posy read out a story in front of the class.

Speech bubbles or ordinary text:

“My nose is good for wiggling…” Posy wiggles her nose like Samantha in Bewitched.

“…and tickling…”  She plays with Meow.

“…and nuzzling up to grandma!”

“It can smell soft fur…” Posy sniffing Meow.

“…delicious food…”

“…and DANGER!!!!” Posy smells grandma’s cake burning and saves the day.

Pages 15-16

Posy continues reading her story in class.

“My nose can find things in the dark…”  Posy bumps into Meow at night. He meows.

“…and is great for making art!” Posy shows the class her new pictures of colourful triangular shapes (like the shape of her nose). Her classmates clap enthusiastically.

Pages 17-18

Posy offers cake to all her classmates, including the bunny with very big ears. Speech bubble:

“Now, cake everyone!”

Classmates’ speech bubbles:

“Banana cake, yum!” “It’s the best cake I’ve ever had!” “Nom Nom!”

The bunny with very big ears is eating Posy’s cake and copying her pictures.  

Pages 19-20

At breaktime all the bunnies run outside to meet their new classmate.

Pages 21-22

All the bunnies are playing on a grey background.

He’s friendly, he’s fun, but thinks Posy’s nose is VERY, VERY…

Pages 23-24

…small!!! Text in tiny letters.

The grey background is actually an elephant. The bunnies are having lots of fun playing with him, climbing on his nose, etc. 

Blurb for back cover

Posy’s loving her first day at school. She’s done some amazing pictures and made new friends.

Suddenly somebody shouts, “POSY HAS A BIG NOSY!”

Now the whole class is staring at Posy and she wonders, “Is my nose the biggest in the world?”

Posy storyboard.jpg