RABBIT DAY® Sat 24 September 2022

Hooray! Saturday 24 September is International Rabbit Day®. This year’s theme is Bunny Love is… and we are inviting animal lovers and non-profit organisations everywhere to join in. “You could run an awareness/fundraising event to support your local shelter,” says Cottontails’ volunteer Ben Nichols, “or use social media to celebrate Rabbit Day® and help give bunnies a better life.” Click here for more ideas.

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Bunny Love is…

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    Adopting from a shelter Rescue bunnies are very deserving of a second chance! They come in all colours, breeds and sizes and are already neutered, vaccinated and socialised. We have a soft spot for adult and senior bunnies as they’re more relaxed and just lovely to have around.

  2. A pair of bunnies Being social creatures, rabbits enjoy the company of one or two other bunnies – neutered of course! Most rabbit rescues offer a neutral space to introduce your single bunny to a friend for life.

  3. A rabbit habitat (not a hutch) Rabbits love to run, play and explore so give them the biggest living area you can, for example one or more bunny-proofed rooms or large section of a room. In the daytime bunnies can exercise outdoors in a safe pen or garden if there’s an adult to watch them.

  4. A lot of fun! It is natural for rabbits to love chewing and digging so offer them a selection of toys to protect your home and keep them entertained, e.g. organic apple, pear and willow twigs, closed cardboard boxes with two “doors” to hop in and out, pop-up tunnels, a sandpit and a big tray filled with hay/straw (also doubles as a snack area and litterbox).

  5. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is peanut-sweetpea-now-076.jpgLoving them on their terms Most rabbits like to be petted and brushed at bunny level, but don’t feel safe when lifted off the ground, so please be respectful of their needs. Teach children to cuddle them without picking them up, as they would with a large dog. Your rabbits will soon follow you around and snuggle next to you to show that they love you too.

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Need More Info?

Visit Cottontails’ website at bunny.org.uk or the House Rabbit Society’s website at rabbit.org for free advice on rabbit care and links to your local rescues with lots of lovable bunnies just waiting to be rehomed. Or email HelloCottontails@gmail.com.