Picture book for 2-5 year olds with 12 double page spreads and illustration ideas/speech bubbles in italics.

Pages 1-2

Rainbow was a super colourful bunny. She could be red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet!

Pages 3-4

Rainbow had just landed in Walthamstow and couldn’t wait to make new friends. But…

Rainbow is a little alien and lands in a spaceship. She is red and the spaceship a bluish grey.

Pages 5-6

…none of the other bunnies was red, orange, yellow, green, blue or violet! Rainbow felt shy, “I don’t want to be different. I want to be bunny-colour!”

The other bunnies are grey-brown. Rainbow is taken aback.

Pages 7-8

The other bunnies hopped to the park. Rainbow quickly turned to yellow to blend in with the sunshine, then red… …green… …and blue, so they didn’t see her.

Rainbow follows them. She turns red among the poppies, green in the grass and blue against the summer sky.

Pages 9-10

The bunnies were having so much fun playing frisbee…

Speech bubbles: “Yippee!” “Wheee!”

Pages 11-12

…Rainbow ran across the meadow and leapt into the air to catch it. “Can I play too?” she asked the other bunnies. But she was blue so they didn’t see her.

Rainbow is orange when standing against a wall watching the game, green when she’s on the grass and blue when she’s up in the air. Maybe one bunny’s speech bubble says, “Did somebody say something?”

Pages 13-14

Afterwards the bunnies ate an amazing strawberry, hazelnut and chocolate ice-cream. Rainbow licked her lips, “Can I have a taste?” But she was violet so the bunnies didn’t see her.

Rainbow is violet like the ice-cream camper van.

Pages 15-16

Then the bunnies went to play in the sandpit. Rainbow loved sandcastles and made one with four turrets, a bridge and a lake. She was so excited that…

Rainbow’s castle is majestic compared with the other bunnies’.

Pages 17-18

…she forgot she wasn’t sandy-colour! “Hello!” said one bunny, “I like your sandcastle!” “Can we play with you?” said the other bunnies.

Rainbow may be blue or other colour which stands out against the sand, except red. The other bunnies finally see her.

Pages 19-20

Rainbow was so shy that she turned bright red… …and orange, yellow, green, blue and violet! “WOW!” ”How do you do that?” “Awesome!” said all the bunnies.

Pages 21-22

Rainbow felt great! She showed the other bunnies how to build a sandcastle and they played frisbee together.

Pages 23-24

And from that day she was happy and proud to be all the colours of the rainbow.

Rainbow is now a smiling and confident bunny. She is glowing and all the colours of the rainbow at once, i.e. striped.

Blurb for back cover

Rainbow is a super colourful bunny. She can be red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. But all she wants is to be bunny-colour…


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