Hello everybunny! Today for the first time we are having Bunny’s Cottage cleaned by a cleaning lady. We are not happy bunnies! Camilla the Cleaner waves the mop and duster too much for our liking. She banned us from the kitchen and dared to wear gloves when she cleaned our litter trays.

Then she dropped the frame with our beautiful bunny photos that’s on top of the microwave and mum came running to check it wasn’t broken. Thank goodness it wasn’t! Mum told Camilla the Gorilla not to touch the bunny stuff but she sneakily threw away one of our chew mats. It took months of hard work to make such an interesting design! Obviously Camilla doesn’t appreciate Bunny Art.

Peanut and I immediately retreated to a banana box to keep an eye on Camilla and stay clear of her broom and dustpan, while the foster bunnies to Camilla’s horror all went to sleep on mummy’s bed. Camilla said that Bunny’s Cottage was full of dustbunnies and shrieked when she saw the curtains had been nibbled. She went, “Oh dear!” every time she found one of our cute “raisins” while mummy looked a bit embarrassed and pretended to work on her laptop.

Camilla also had the cheek to ask mum when was the last time she dusted the top shelf in the kitchen. Why, never of course! That would be silly, wouldn’t it, the dust on the top shelf can’t be seen from bunny level so what’s the point?!!!!! Besides our mum’s got better things to do like cuddling bunnies and preparing food.

We are already a huge help with the housework – nudging the dustpan and brush, tossing things out of the way and licking the furniture – and from now on we’ll do our own cleaning, thank you very much. Foster bunny Barney, who is very good at counting and always knows when mum gives him one and a half peanuts instead of two, has just done the accounts. It turns out that Camilla the Villain cost the Bunny Bank the equivalent of 3 boxes of carrots with carrot tops. We’ve obviously been taken to the cleaners!

The result: now Bunny’s Cottage is TOO clean! We’re having to work overtime shredding things and leaving our poops in those hard to reach places all over again. Thankfully after we bunnies got together and started working as a team the floor looked pretty much the same as before Camilla arrived. A few thumps was all mummy needed to know that we don’t want Camilla messing up Bunny’s Cottage ever again. Camilla was sent home early and when she asked mummy to make an appointment for next week mum said she would get back to her. Ehmm, don’t call us, Camilla, we’ll call you!

The Bunny Bunch