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A Walthamstory

Picture book for 2-5 year olds with 12 double-page spreads and endpapers. Illustration and lettering ideas and speech bubbles in italics.


A map of Lloyd Park in Walthamstow, London.

Spread 1

Pansy lived in Lloyd Park with her mummy and daddy, her auntie Poppy, her best friend Johnny and sixty other lovely pigeons.

Pansy looking at a Superman comic she found in the park.

She told them, “When I grow up I want to be a superhero! I will fly to the Moon, stop enemy rockets and save the world!”

Pansy dreams of coming out of a telephone box wearing a superhero outfit and saving the universe.

“Ehmm! That’s an interesting idea…” said her daddy, “…but finish school first. Even superheroes need an education.” ”Pigeons don’t have superpowers,” said her mummy.

Spread 2

(Large capitals) “A SUPERHERO?!! HOW EXCITING!!!” said her auntie Poppy, “You can do it, Pansy! I’m right behind you!”

Auntie Poppy looks very artistic. She gives Pansy a superhero costume with the slogan “Super Pansy”.

“Can I be your sidekick?” asked Johnny, “I’ll carry your porridge and sunflower seeds. A superhero needs super food!”

Johnny carries Pansy’s supplies.

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Spread 3

Pansy looked around for something to do, but no planets needed saving today, and no rockets needed stopping. So she and Johnny flew to the café to peck at the crumbs.

Sign says “Park Café”. Pansy nibbles at some crumbs under or near two men’s table. They’re builders.

“This park is very shabby,” said one builder, “and full of rubbish.” “We’ll bulldoze the café and build a big supermarket…” “…With a nice car park over the kiddies’ playground.” said the other builder.

Pansy overhears their conversation and is outraged. She gets on a chair.

Pansy puffed out her chest and stamped her feet. “This is a job for a superhero!”

Spread 4

She called all her friends to the café’s rooftop. “They’re closing our park and building a supermarket! But we’ll show them what we’re made of. Pigeons are not pushovers!” “Yeah!”, “That’s right, Pansy!” cooed the pigeons.

“We need a super plan…“ thought Pansy.

Spread 5

The pigeons got to work straight away. They ate all the food and picked all the rubbish that messy humans left around the park.

Pansy and her friends put the rubbish in the recycling bins. People, including children, watch and copy them.

Spread 6

“Now let’s have a party and invite all our friends!” said Pansy, “The children, the neighbours, the joggers, the dog walkers and the nice people who feed the birds.”

“Party in the Park” signs on railings, lots of people turn up. Speech bubbles: “The park looks much better!”, “So clean!”, etc.

Pansy made some amazing art and sold it to buy new trees, tables and chairs for the park.

Pansy makes art with found objects, by leaving muddy pawprints on colourful paper or holding a paintbrush in her beak. Auntie Poppy is very enthusiastic about Pansy’s work. Speech bubbles: “Fantastic!”, “A masterpiece!” , etc. Johnny carries her art supplies. Maybe give artwork funny names as with a lot of contemporary art. People buy it.

Paintbrush Paint Brush Color Painter Paint Cans   pigeon paint

Spread 7

Everybody helped to build a playground…

Humans and pigeons work together to make a new children’s playarea with windblown trees, etc.

…and signed a petition to save the park. Pansy delivered it to the Mayor of Walthamstow.

Pansy organises a petition. She flies it in her beak to the Town Hall.

Spread 8

The next time the builders came to Lloyd Park Pansy was ready for action. She flew like a superhero high above the park…

Spread 9

…then swooped down and grabbed the supermarket plans!


“Hey! Stop that pigeon!” cried the builders. “We’ll be back!”

The Mayor arrives.

“No, you won’t!” said the Mayor, “You’re not building a supermarket in Lloyd Park!”

The builders flee.

you-have-come-to-the-wrong-neighborhood-by-Visez-Culori   Girl-feeding-pigeons-by-Carlos-Gotay

Spread 10

Everybody gathered around Pansy. “You don’t need to stop rockets to be a superhero,” said the Mayor, “You saved our park and that’s super!” “SUPER PANSY!!!” cooed all the pigeons.

Everybody cheers. Speech bubbles: “Super Pansy!”

Spread 11

That afternoon the BBC came to Lloyd Park.

Newsreader’s speech bubble: “Meet the super pigeon who’s saved her local park and become Walthamstow’s hero.” Shot of Pansy and her parents on camera.

Pansy’s parents are interviewed. Speech bubbles or similar. Dad: “We always knew she was super…” Mum: “We were behind her right from the start, weren’t we, dear? She takes after me.” Dad: “I could have been a superhero too of course.” Pansy, Johnny and auntie Poppy laugh.

Spread 12

Lloyd Park was given a Green Flag for being one of the best parks in London. And if you come and visit you might see Pansy, her mummy and daddy, her auntie Poppy, her best friend Johnny and sixty other lovely pigeons.

The park looks wonderful. Picture of Pansy and the other pigeons.

IMG_7840   tumblr_odb63shMEi1rti0t3o1_1280


Newspaper/internet headlines, e.g, “Power Pigeon”, “Pigeon Power”, “Pigeons have friends”. Super Pansy merchandise, e.g, mugs, t-shirts and teatowels on sale in Lloyd Park’s Visitors’ Shop. Children and grown-ups wearing Super Pansy t-shirts.

Blurb for back cover

Is it a rocket? Is it a plane? No, it’s Pansy from Walthamstow. This little pigeon wants to be a superhero when she grows up and has the costume to prove it. So when builders plan to turn Lloyd Park into a supermarket, she is ready for action! But can Pansy save the park and become Walthamstow’s superhero?

Super Pansy cover jpeg