Picture book for children 2-5 years old with illustration ideas in italics. Book 1 in the series Superbunny® & Friends.

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Pages 1-2

Sweetpea is a white floppy-eared bunny with grey ears. He’s in a small hutch in the garden and is tossing his empty food bowl, which may have an S logo similar to Superman’s.

Sweetpea: “It’s lonely in here and there’s nothing to do!”

Pages 3-4

There are two other hutches on either side of Sweetpea’s with two brown up-eared bunnies, Dandelion (on the left) and his brother Buttercup (on the right).

Dandelion’s speech bubble: “I’m hungry!”

Sweetpea stamps loudly on the hutch floor: THUMP!!!

A cat paws at Buttercup’s hutch. Buttercup’s speech bubble: “AAARGH!!!”

Pages 5-6

“I wish I was a superhero,” thought Sweetpea, “I’d kick this door down in a flash!”

Pictorial dream bubble showing Sweetpea wearing a superhero outfit, kicking the door down. POW!!!

Close-up of Sweetpea. “Buttercup, Dandelion, I’ve an idea! When I say PUSH, push with all your might against the hutch door. Ready? 1, 2, 3, PUUUUUSH!!!”

The doors don’t budge. Maybe they squeak a little.

“It’s too strong!” said Dandelion. “I’m tired!” yawned Buttercup. Buttercup and Dandelion fall asleep: ZZZZZ.

Pages 7-8

While Buttercup and Dandelion were asleep, Sweetpea chewed a hole in the hutch door. His teeth hurt, but he didn’t give up, and next morning… “Wake up Buttercup, Dandelion! WE’RE FREE!!!” Sweetpea slides open Buttercup and Dandelion’s hutch doors.

The bunnies are about to escape when they spot fierce cat Snowball blocking their way. Maybe only one cat paw is visible in the corner of the page. Bunnies’ speech bubble: “SNOWBALL!!!”

Sweetpea dug a hole under the fence at super speed, “Through here Buttercup, Dandy, RUN!!!”

As he digs, Sweetpea tosses the soil towards Snowball. Snowball races after the bunnies but he’s too fat and gets stuck under the fence.

The bunnies ran for their lives until…

Pages 9-10

They come to a busy street. Beeping cars and vans. Buttercup is afraid.

“Where are we going?” said Buttercup, hiding behind his brother. “Are we there yet?” asked Dandelion. Sweetpea looked right, left and right again, “Everybody hop in line and follow me! It’s like playing follow the leader!”

Sweetpea: “One, two, thr… WHERE’S BUTTERCUP??!!!” Dandelion has followed Sweetpea but Buttercup is too scared to cross and is left behind. Sweetpea dashes back to his friend while Dandelion waits. He licks Buttercup’s ears and nudges him gently across the street. 

Pages 11-12

“I’m hungry!” said Dandelion, “Where’s my breakfast?” Sweetpea twitched his super sensitive nose, “This way!” He leads the bunnies to a fruit and veg market.

“BANANAS!!!” yelled Buttercup. “Yay!!!” said Dandelion. “There’s a pear rolling on the ground!” said Sweetpea. The bunnies were about to taste it when…

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Pages 13-14

A security guard starts chasing the rabbits, speech bubble: “STOP THIEVES!!!”

Sweetpea rounded up his friends and they raced out of the market.

The bunnies zig-zag in and out of stalls and people’s feet, pursued by the guard. There’s mayhem as fruit and veggies fly all over the place. An apple lands on the guard’s head, knocking him out. SPLAT!, BOING! or similar sound effects. The bunnies escape.

Pages 15-16

Sweetpea, Buttercup and Dandelion hop sadly along the pavement. They pass a food shop with a “NO PETS” sign.

“My tummy’s rumbling,” said Dandelion. “Mine too,” said Buttercup. “Let’s find some food!” said Sweetpea.

A dog spots the bunnies and pulls on the lead, yapping. Sweetpea takes Buttercup and Dandy by the paw and they run off again.

Pages 17-18

They come to a house with lovely apple trees in the garden.

“APPLES!” said Sweetpea jumping over a wall with a superhero leap, “Hop to it!”

The bunnies  follow him into the garden. There are windfall apples and a wildflower meadow with long grass. The bunnies tuck in.

“Mmmm!” said Dandelion munching on a juicy apple. This grass is awesome!” said Buttercup. “And the clover’s super tasty!” said Sweetpea.

A door opens.

Pages 19-20

Mrs James appears with three bunnies at her feet. Sweetpea runs to greet her.

“Hello!” said Mrs James. Sweetpea nudged her leg to greet her. “Meet Carolina, Benjamin and Peanut. Sweetpea likes Peanut a lot.

Sweetpea, Buttercup and Dandelion followed Mrs James inside the flat. Her rabbits didn’t have a hutch, they were free to hop around and play on the sofa!

Mrs James’ flat has lots of toys and bunny furniture.

“WOW!!!” said Sweetpea. He licked Mrs James’s hand and ran round and round her feet. ”Welcome home!” She welcomes Sweetpea, Buttercup and Dandelion.

Pages 21-22

“Would you like some dandelions?” asked Mrs James. When he heard his name, Dandelion’s ears perked up and he ran to the food dish. “And there’s a banan…” Buttercup grabs the whole banana and drags it under the sofa to eat it. Everybody laughs.

Sweetpea tried to nibble on a carrot but his teeth hurt. Speech bubble: “OW!!!” “Let me grate it for you, said Mrs James, petting his soft muzzle. “You saved your friends. You’re a super bunny!”

Pages 23-24

Mrs James presents Sweetpea with a superhero outfit, and he’s delighted!

Blurb for the back cover

Sweetpea, Buttercup and Dandelion are not happy bunnies. They live in a tiny hutch and don’t get any food or exercise. One day Sweetpea’s had enough and chews a hole in the hutch door. But the world is full of danger for three small rabbits. Will they survive and find a new home?

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Early Sweetpea sketches