Toys are more necessary than you think. First they provide your rabbit with mental and physical activity. Secondly they help to protect your home, becoming an integral part of bunnyproofing.

Indoor Toys

  • Closed cardboard box with 2 or 3 doors for hopping in and out, climbing on, chewing, etc. (may also be lined with newspaper, a towel or carpet for digging)
  • Seagrass mats to chew on
  • Any item made of untreated straw, e.g. broom, coasters, beach mat
  • Willow baskets of all shapes and sizes for chewing, climbing on and dozing under
  • Wire cube or ball filled with hay
  • Large paper bag to chew and crawl in
  • Plastic dog bed or storage box lined with newspaper, hay and straw for digging, nibbling, etc. (may also double as a litter tray)
  • Hard plastic rattles (e.g. keys) to pick up and toss
  • Cat wire ball with a bell inside
  • Cat plastic barrel with bell
  • Cardboard rolls from toilet paper to chew, roll, toss, knock down, etc. You can also fill them with hay and a treat.
  • Toddler stacking cups or empty yoghurt pots (put one inside the other with a treat in between so the bunny has to work out how to get to it)
  • Hard plastic ball to push and roll
  • Parrot toys made of wood/hard plastic that can be tossed or hung from a baby gate, etc.
  • Old bunch of house keys for tossing
  • Wire slinky
  • Old magazines, telephone books, cereal/tissue boxes and egg cartons to tear up
  • A piece of untreated pine nailed to a skirting board or door frame for gnawing
  • A towel to spread out, dig in and sleep on
  • A large towel draped securely over a chair or low table to run through and provide an enclosed corner
  • Travel cage with a synthetic sheepskin rug and a treat inside to encourage the bunny to go in
  • Cat toys with ramps, platforms and tubes
  • Compressed hay tunnels and willow toys made for rabbits

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Outdoor Toys

  • 1 or 2 garden chairs with towels draped securely over them to sit on and hide under
  • Wooden tunnel made with 4 boards of weather-proof plywood measuring 1′ X 2′ (wooden ramps and “bridges” are a welcome addition)
  • Large litter trays or plastic storage boxes filled with soil or sand for digging
  • Small plastic flowerpot to pick up and toss
  • Football to nudge and roll
  • Large upturned plant pots to hop on and off
  • Potted edible plants, e.g. chicory, parsley, sunflowers and vegetables to nibble on. You can create little alleyways by leaving gaps between the pots.
  • A clay pipe to run in and out
  • A log or tree stump to jump on or over
  • Pine cones for nibbling
  • Apple, pear or willow twigs that haven’t been sprayed with pesticides
  • Children’s pop-up tents and tunnels

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