Every Easter thousands of rabbits are bought from breeders, pet stores and garden centres. Many are acquired on impulse – usually as presents for children – and end up abandoned or neglected within a month of purchase. This year Cottontails’ Easter message is that you don’t have to buy a rabbit to care for one. Here’s how:

  • Adopt a rescued rabbit Why buy a rabbit when you can adopt one from a shelter? Rescue centres have rabbits of all ages, colours, shapes and sizes in need of a home. They can provide adopters with care information and ongoing support that is not normally available elsewhere. Most rabbits are already socialised, neutered, vaccinated and litter-trained. For details of your local shelter click on the Bunny Hopline.
  • Sponsor a rabbit If you can’t rehome a bunny, you can still help by sponsoring one. Many rescue centres offer sponsorship schemes for just a few pounds a month. In return you will receive your chosen rabbit’s photo, sponsorship papers, updates on progress, even a birthday, Easter or Christmas card. The money is used to provide rescue rabbits with food, housing and veterinary care.
  • Volunteer for a bunny’s sake Rabbit rescue centres up and down the country always need help with fostering, socialising the bunnies, cleaning, grooming, educating adopters, home checks, publicity, administration and so on.
  • Fundraising Organising a fundraising event – garage sale, cake and biscuit sale, sponsored walk, swim, silence, coffee morning, charity kisses, pet photo show – can be fun and is a great way to support your local rabbit shelter. Cottontails has produced a list of fundraising ideas to help you get started.