Would you keep a cat or a dog in a hutch? Cottontails believes it is equally cruel to cage companion rabbits and that they deserve a better life. The average hutch on sale in pet shops measures just 90cm X 30cm X 30cm. This means the rabbit cannot stand up or take a few hops and has to lie in his urine and droppings. There’s no room for toys, a litter tray or a companion. The hutches are cheaply made – though not cheap to buy – and offer little protection from predators and the elements.

A Rabbit’s Place is in the Home

Rabbits are intelligent, sensitive creatures who enjoy interacting with people, playing and exploring. The best place to keep your rabbits is in the home – if you need to confine them you can simply use a baby gate.

Rabbits like nothing better than to sleep on a comfy blanket under a chair or bed and can be litter-trained at any age. Adult rabbits make the best housemates because they are less destructive than babies, especially if they’re neutered.

If you can’t keep your rabbits indoors, we recommend giving them the run of a sturdy shed, playhouse or other outbuilding. Provide a dog bed, litter tray and toys to make them feel at home. In the daytime rabbits can exercise in a large, secure run or escape-proof garden with adult supervision.

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Click here to sign our petition to end the use of rabbit hutches and cages. And read Sweetpea’s Story, about the bunny behind the campaign.

Need More Info?

Please visit our website at If you are thinking of getting a rabbit, click on The Bunny Hopline for details of rescue centres with neutered, vaccinated and socialised bunnies available for adoption.

A hutch is not a home, it's a prison