Sweetpea was a hutch bunny and discarded children’s pet when he was rescued by Cottontails. He was so distressed at being confined that he kept chewing on the wire door and damaged his teeth permanently. As a result he couldn’t eat and was painfully thin. Sweetpea’s front teeth had to be removed but he quickly learnt to eat fruit and veggies cut into small pieces – he even ate hay and grass like spaghetti!

Sweetpea had a long and happy life. He was adopted by Cottontails and became friends with Peanut, Lulu and other shelter bunnies. He was never caged again and had the run of a large garden flat. As well as being the bunny behind our campaign, Sweetpea inspired poems, art and a children’s story. We called him Sweetpea Superbunny and he will always be our hero!

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