The dictionary defines “superhero” as “a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers” and also as “an exceptionally skillful or successful person”. Superheroes don’t just have superpowers, they need to use them to do something good, fight crime, protect the public and usually battle supervillains.

Stories for Superheroes™ doesn’t feature Marvel-type action heroes who fly to the stars, teleport in a flash and carry out incredible feats. Instead it shows different ways in which a character, e.g. a rabbit, can do something bold and amazing and save the world – or at least her neighbourhood.

Rabbits may be small and shy but inside beats the heart of a superhero.

Sometimes our characters may simply dress like a superhero, act like one or dream of being one. They may just be a hero to their friends and family. They may be shy, teased and not be super at everything. They may even be imaginary (but no less awesome and powerful) or not be superheroes after all – the ending may be left open, and readers make up their own minds what’s real and what’s fantasy. Our Stories explore other themes too, such as friendship, bullying, growing up and helping others.

A superhero may be disguised as an ordinary bunny

A small bunny can’t save the world, but is smart and adaptable, a fearless explorer, and can chew walls! And we’ve yet to meet a bunny who didn’t have the power to make life better.

A bunny may not be everybody’s idea of an all-action hero, but like most animals rabbits have amazing abilities: supersensitive ears and nose, great twilight vision, the ability to dig tunnels and chew through walls! They’re fantastic explorers and escape artists, smart, resourceful and brave – it takes a lot of courage to leave your burrow when you’re a defenceless creature in a world full of dangers.

Our bunny superheroes use these real-life qualities to do something mighty: save a life, beat the bullies and win the day. They don’t need to wear a cape – but most of them do, as it looks fabulous! They live in the real world, so they’re easier to relate to than traditional superheroes. They also inspire readers to be a little like them: take a leap, fight for justice, be a hero – or the best you can be, and that’s wonderful too.