The appeal of superhero stories is that every child dreams of being special and powerful (hero, princess) and every parent thinks their child is wonderful.

Stories for Superheroes take this as their starting point but our heroes don’t need to wear a cape or have superhuman abilities to do something amazing. They appear very ordinary at first – small, cheeky, flawed – and may get teased or bullied, but by the end of the story they’ve saved the day!

Stories for Superheroes have humour, action, great characters and the positive message that everyone can be a hero, even if just for one day or in their community. Just follow our superheroes’ lead!

We will gradually be posting more Stories for Superheroes so visit us again soon. Read about our idea of a superhero here.

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Superhero Pet Costumes

As a general rule Cottontails does not approve of dressing up pets unless they need to wear something to keep warm or for medical reasons (e.g. a t-shirt) or the item does not constrict or irritate them in any way (e.g. a bandana). If you must take a picture of your pet wearing a cape, make it quick and always put their wellbeing first. Even better, buy them a superhero bed or accessories instead – or wear the costume yourself!

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